On Friday HTC sent out press invites for a little unveiling they’ll be hosting in London one month from now.  On September 15th, HTC will take to their own stage to detail what will likely be HTC’s next major handset running either Android or Windows Phone 7.  Which will it be?

Inviting the press to “come see what HTC has dreamt up,” lead many to guess that we’ll be seeing a follow up to the first ever Android handset, the G1 (HTC Dream).  The flames engulfing a faded handset lead the same direction, hinting towards the G1 Blaze.


EuroDroid thinks the silver camera ring matches up nicely with the leaked HTC Desire HD and judging from a little Photoshop work, other parts line up just as well.  One Gizmodo reader took to Photoshop, toying with the photo’s hues that ultimately reveal the HTC logo and what looks similar to the dual LED flashes seen on the Desire HD.  Details on the Desire HD are scarce but it purportedly packs a 4.3” screen, 8 megapixel camera, and 720p video recording.  A GSM flavor of the EVO 4G anyone?


The other possibility behind the event is to show off HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 device mid-September to launch weeks later in October overseas.  As we heard earlier, Windows Phone 7 devices will launch first in Europe, eventually traveling overseas to America in November.  The event will be hosted in London, furthering speculation that this isn’t a random Android handset.

The event is only a month away but if you’ve got any guesses as to what HTC will be unveiling, leave ‘em in the comments.  It couldn’t hurt, right?

[Via Gizmodo]