It is a question as old as gaming itself: Which gaming platform do you prefer?

Ever since there was a time where there were two or more gaming consoles on the market, you had people arguing over which was the better system.  Yes, even back in the days of Atari 2600 and ColecoVision there would be schoolyard arguments, and it certainly hasn't changed over the years.

With the launch of Console Wars Season 2, we thought it was a good time to ask the question once again of which gaming platform you prefer.

Are you a Sony loyalist?  Do you prefer the free online gaming experience, the ever expanding collection of company exclusive games and the ability to play Blu-ray movies?  The PlayStation 3 may be your system.

What about the Xbox 360 with its insanely popular Halo franchise, expanding abilities to watch streaming video and abilities to now go mobile with your account thanks to Windows Phone 7?

Are you still a fan of the Nintendo Wii and its focus on casual gaming?  Can't get enough of Wii Fit?  Then you'll probably be voting for Nintendo.

Of course, there are still some old school gamers who prefer to see just how far they can push their PCs with new video cards that have more power than some old computing systems.

In this day and age, there really is a gaming platform for just about every one.  So, what's your choice?