When you're sitting by the pool this summer, get the party started with Ultimate Ears' new Wonderboom 2. The diminutive Bluetooth speaker is the perfect outdoor companion, offering big sound, waterproof design, and convenient controls — all in a tiny package. In addition to a stealthy black, the Wonderboom 2 will be available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Hot like lava: Radical Red

Staff pick

This red really is radical. When you're at the beach or by the pool, Radical Red will really stand out. Complementing the bright red are light blue volume buttons and handle. Radical Red isn't for people who want to go incognito, but the vibrant shade might convince you that sometimes it's ok to stand out.

$99 at Ultimate Ears

Stealthy option: Deep Space Black

The Wonderboom 2 in Deep Space Black is the opposite of Radical Red. Instead of sticking out from the crowd, Deep Space Black is a stealthier option that goes under the radar. There's nothing wrong with wanting to quietly fade into the background. Black is very classy and understated — perfect when you're pumping out tunes at an evening BBQ.

$99 at Ultimate Ears

Plenty of pop: Crushed Ice Grey

Crushed Ice Grey sounds more dangerous than it actually looks, splitting the difference between the Radical Red and Deep Space Black. The meshed fabric is coated in an unassuming grey while the volume buttons are accented with a bright orange, making the Wonderboom 2 stand out — but not too much. It's a nice blend that works well with the contrasting colors.

$99 at Ultimate Ears

Get lost in paradise: Bermuda Blue

The Wonderboom 2 in Bermuda Blue is giving me some serious vacation vibes. While you're toting around the tiny speaker you can imagine you're sitting on a tropical island with a coconut in hand. Better yet, bring the Wonderboom 2 in Bermuda Blue on your next paradise vacation, so you can blast your favorite music while getting a healthy dose of vitamin d.

$99 at Ultimate Ears

So many great colors

As they say, variety is the spice of life, and it's nice to see such a portable speaker offered in different colors. And colors that are bright, fun, and just plain awesome. The Wonderboom 2 is meant to be seen and heard, and the different colors definitely give it some personality.

The Wonderboom 2 in Radical Red is not only fun to say, but it oozes style. It's by far the most eye-popping pick, which is why we've chosen Radical Red as our top color. It'll turn heads while pumping out the jams.

If you want a stealthier option, check out the Wonderboom 2 in Deep Space Black. It's not nearly as flashy as the other colors, but that's what makes Deep Space Black so cool.

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