The events happen in real time.

It's that magical time of year again when Jack Bauer, also known as Keifer Sutherland, gets involved in another terrorist plot which amazingly takes exactly 24 hours to resolve on the series 24.  Seeing as this is the eighth time this has happened, you'd think he'd learn to stay in bed more often, but that's never the case as Jack launches into yet another season of trying to stop a terrorist plot.

24season8This year as he battles the terrorists, Jack is getting assistance from a Samsung Instinct on the Sprint network for all of his mobile needs.  We thought it might be fun to point out some of the things he's missing out on by using an Instinct over some of the other phones currently on Sprint.  (for the sake of argument, we're guessing he is under contract with Sprint and doesn't feel like paying the $200 early termination fee)

While the Instinct is going to give him an easy to use interface, he's going to be lacking Wi-Fi.  Sure he's going to be out of range of Wi-Fi quite often, but when he is in range it would allow him to download drone surveillance data a lot faster.  The call quality is also a bit iffy with the Instinct, and the last thing you want to do when pinned down by gun toting terrorists is to start having to scream "What?  WHAT?!?" over and over into the phone to Chloe as she gives you real-time updates on if the assassin has been located.

What if Jack decided to go with a Palm Pre?  He'd be gaining Wi-Fi, as well as a larger resolution touchscreen, a 3 megapixel camera instead of the 2 megapixel the Instinct offers, but he will be facing a cramped keyboard.  This could be bad as he is trying to type out a message while bound to a table being tortured.

Maybe there is a third option in another Samsung phone, the Moment.  This one runs on the Android OS which would open up Jack to a plethora of applications he could download to help him with his investigation, but a lot of reviews have mentioned how the system is a bit sluggish.  This is something Jack could definitely not tolerate as he is interrogating the mastermind of a criminal operation.

It seems that Jack would have some tough decisions in picking the best phone to support him as he goes about killing all of those terrorists.  Our personal pick is the Palm Pre, but what do you think is the best phone from any carrier for Jack Bauer?