HP dropped the price of the TouchPad to $99 this weekend, which was just the price drop the tablet needed to get it to literally fly off the shelves. I called all the Staples in my area yesterday (where the tablet was just $50) trying to score one to no avail, and our own Editor-in-Chief Sean went the extra mile and called 10 Walmarts, a Target, and Sam’s Club trying to get his hands on one, only to discover all of the retailers were sold out by 10am.

So, if you still want to get your hands on a little piece of tablet history, where do you go?

@BetaNews on Twitter turned me on to this SlickDeals thread that lists all of the locations online the TouchPad is sold, as well as those that are sold out. While Sean and I didn’t have any luck with brick-and-mortar stores, you may be able to score a tablet from one of the local stores listed depending on your area.

There are also quite a few stores where the price drop hasn’t gone into effect yet. If you watch the thread, you may be able to pick up a tablet when that price drop does happen. Both Sean and I were able to get 32GB TouchPads (for $150) tonight around 6pm EST when the price drop went into effect at an affiliate on Amazon. Lots of other drops are likely to happen tomorrow.

If you really need a TouchPad you can also try buying one from somewhere the tablet is still full price, and then asking for a price adjustment once the discount happens.

Did any of you manage to get a discounted TouchPad? Where did you find yours?

Update: The original SlickDeals thread has been removed. You can still catch deals as they are posted in SlickDeal’s forums, and in this thread.