Whether you’re a royal watcher or not, there’s no doubt that the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a historic event and bona fide pop culture phenomenon. To make sure you don’t miss it, bookmark this list of sites that are streaming the nuptials live.

You’ll want to make sure to have more than one site at the ready, because word has it that the sheer magnitude of this event could “break the internet.” On YouTube alone, viewership is expected to exceed 400 million visitors. So if one site bombs, you’ll definitely want to be ready to pop on over to another.

Online Coverage of Wills and Kate’s Big Day

YouTube, click here – The royals’ own official YouTube channel — The Royal Channel — will be featuring the BBC’s live stream of the event (minus the commentary). 2 AM PST / 5 AM EST / 10 AM GMT

PBS Newshour (via Ustream), click here. 1:30 AM PST / 4:30 AM EST / 9:30 AM GMT

CBS News (via Ustream), click here. 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9 AM GMT

ABC (via Hulu), click here. 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9 AM GMT

NBC’s Today Show, click here. 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9 AM GMT

FOX News (via Hulu), click here. 2 AM PST / 5 AM EST / 10 AM GMT

Associated Press (via Livestream), click here. Thurs, 11 PM PST / Fri, 2 AM EST / Fri, 6 AM GMT

CNN, click here. In addition to live coverage on, the news outlet will also stream via its iOS and Android apps. 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9 AM GMT

ET The (via Livestream), click here. 2 AM PST / 5 AM EST / 10 AM GMT

E! Online (via Facebook), click here. E!’s Facebook stream will let fans embed it on their walls, and it will also stream via its mobile apps. 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9 AM GMT

Other “Royal” Connections:

Official Royal Wedding Website

Clarence House on Twitter

The British Monarchy on Facebook

The Royal Wedding Facebook page

Prince William’s Profile at

The Royal Collection (for information, official merchandise/memorabilia)

Royal Family Podcasts

The Royal Apps (mobile applications for iOS and Android)

British Monarchy’s Photostream on Flickr

And of course, let’s finish this up with a little fun: First, a link to Jay and Silent Bob’s coverage of the Royal Wedding. (I kid you not! It starts as 2 AM PST / 5 AM EST.) Second, some geekery with a 3D rendering of the procession route, courtesy of Google Earth. And third, a viral video from T-mobile, taking a shot at how they think the proceedings could go down. Enjoy.