Remember those days when free labor could be had by young, eager interns willing to scrape by to gain some professional experience? Well, looks like those days might be over, at least in some corners of tech.

Business Insider reported that, according to, Facebook's software-engineering interns are nabbing nearly $7,000 per month. The average range seems to go from $6,225 to $6,883 for these "stipends." (Oh come on, at these numbers, they're flat-out salaries — good ones, at that. It's almost quadruple the median earnings for Americans over 18.) As if that weren't enough, one intern even boasts that he gets $8,000 per month, with a college tuition subsidy on top.

But the social network's not alone. Software-engineering interns at Twitter make $6,539 per month on average, and at Google, it's $7,000. At IBM, LinkedIn, Oracle, Apple, Amazon, Zynga, Microsoft and Yahoo, equivalent interns make $4,000 per month and up.

But tech's not the only sector compensating their interns well: Apparently Goldman Sachs pays $4,636 per month for summer analyst internships, says Glassdoor. But what it might have a hard time competing with are the perks: At Facebook, interns in its Menlo Park, CA, headquarters get to enjoy a range of services and goods, including laundry service, photo processing, leather repair, free meals by artisan chefs, iPhones, laptops and gym access.

The companies are definitely courting and cultivating talent while they're young, and they're throwing in everything they've got to entice them. And why not? Mark Zuckerberg was 20 when he started Facebook, and so was Bill Gates when he founded Microsoft. Larry and Sergey launched Google at age 25, and Michael Dell conceived his namesake company when he was just 19.

So who knows? The next major tech superstar could be sitting in an intern cubicle in a corporate campus right now, drinking his second latte, waiting for his dry cleaning, and dreaming of a day when his suffering will end and he can earn real money turning his vision into reality.

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