If you’ve been reading TechnoBuffalo for a while, then you know there’s nothing we like better than a tasty infographic. And here’s one that touches on a very hot topic these days: mobile payments.

The writing has been on the wall for a while now, but things have been kicking into high gear since Google started pushing the envelope with various Androids’ NFC (near field communication) integration, not to mention the company’s huge Google Wallet announcement. PayPal has also thrown its virtual currency behind it, having bought a mobile payments vendor (Zong), and credit services juggernauts MasterCard and Visa both have long been itching to get things going, with more partners and service providers lined up all the time. The latter recently made some investments into Square, the little company that could (with an even littler accessory that hooks onto smartphones to enable merchant credit card transactions).

With all this flurry of interest, someone had to come in and break it down for the masses. So professional community service G+ stepped up to the plate. It looked into the trends and made its prediction on where mobile payments will go over the next few years.

Take a peep and tell us whether this infographic nailed it or not. And chime in on what you think could be next. Surgically installed chips? Biometric-based commerce, using stuff like fingerprint- or retina-scanning technology? Something else?

[via Mashable, source G+]