After a nearly two-year wait, the final season of Game of Thrones is here. Now is as good a time as any to get into the hype of the amazing HBO series based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice series. For that, you'll need to binge watch the previous seven, amazing seasons. Here's where you can buy every season of Game of Thrones.

Note: Major spoilers are discussed in this post.

Winter is Coming: Season 1

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Let's go back to where it all began, before the War of the Five Kings and to a simpler time where the worst thing that happened was seeing Ned Stark get his head chopped off. The first season sets the stage for all the drama that ensues over the coming seasons with the White Walkers returning. Besides the pilot, the most iconic episode this season was "Baelor," which earned the series one of its first iconic kills.

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The North Remembers: Season 2

After the murder of Ned Stark, House Lannister and House Stark are mortal enemies while the other vying kings try to usurp King Joffrey, who is now coming into his full villain self. This is also the season Game of Thrones took a big step into spectacle with the huge battle at Blackwater that saw Stannis Baratheon fail to take King's Landing.

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The Red Wedding: Season 3

Game of Thrones reached its full iconic self in season three. As the War of the Five Kings raged on, each major character is on their own journey in wildly different places. The season reaches its exclamation point though in "The Rains of Castamere," which sees the brutal murder of Robb and Catelyn Stark at the Red Wedding, along with so many others.

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And Now His Watch Has Ended: Season 4

Season 4 is largely considered the best season of Game of Thrones. We got the introduction of characters like Oberyn Martell who quickly became fan favorites. However, the strong season ends on an even stronger note with the final scene between Tyrion Lannister taking on his father, Tywin, changing the course of House Lannister forever.

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The Night King is Here: Season 5

Things take a turn for the worse in season 5. Most of our favorite characters go through some tough times with Jon clashing with the Night's Watch, Sansa marrying Ramsay Bolton, and Cersei imprisoned by the High Sparrow. This all takes a backseat in "Hardhome," where Jon travels to the wildlings outpost just as it's overrun by the Night King.

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The Winds of Winter: Season 6

Season 6 is the most showstopping season in Game of Thrones. It sets up a lot, starting with the resurrection of Jon Snow and the long-awaited reunion of Jon and Sansa. This all leads to the epic Battle of Bastards where Jon Snow takes back Winterfell, only to be outdone by "The Winds of Winter" with Cersei flexing her political muscles and the surprising revelation about Jon Snow's mother.

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The Great War Begins: Season 7

The final pieces fall into place as the Great War begins at the conclusion of season 7. Jon Snow finally meets and forms an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen, and eventually forms an alliance with Cersei Lannister, of all people — or so he thinks. But all this is superfluous as the Night King gets the weapon he's been waiting for and takes down the Wall.

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When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die

You're now ready to conquer Westeros and take the Iron Throne for yourself. Binge on through the entire series and enjoy the most iconic and talked-about series that has come out over the last decade. Once you complete the first seven seasons, you can tackle the eighth and final season that will pit all of Westeros — or what's left of it — against the Night King.

If there was one season we'd recommend to start with, it would, of course, be season 1. It introduced viewers to George R. R. Martin's far-off land that mixes a rich history with magic. We also learned what the game of thrones truly is. If you don't play it with the most astuteness and care, you may end up dead like many characters did.

Season 1 is the one you should start off with, but our favorite one is season 4 given the blend of storytelling and action it presents. You get amazing plot turns with Tyrion's father turning on him and Jon Snow battling the wildlings at the wall, along with some amazing set pieces.

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