Has anyone noticed how some major companies have still not updated their iPhone apps to iPad?  I’m not talking small companies here, I’m talking corporations that easily have enough money and tech employees to knock out a project like this in a few days.  Yet, somehow we’re coming up on the fourth month of release for the device, and not a word has been said as to when we can expect some of the marquee apps.

facebook skype ipad appsNow, don’t get me wrong, I fully know you can use the iPhone versions of these apps on the iPad, but then you get either a whole lot of black screen, or you get a pixelated version.  You look at apps like the one from The Weather Channel, which has been out since the first week of the iPad’s release, and you see a major company that took full advantage of the power of the tablet as well as its screen.

Where is the Facebook app?  Is someone going to try to tell me the largest social network on the planet, with an astounding 500 million members, doesn’t have the resources to have knocked out an app for the iPad by now?  I mean, MySpace you can understand, it’s quickly losing members and traffic, but even with them you’d think they’d want to make sure as many people had as much access as possible.

And what about Skype?  This one you can understand a bit more as the majority of Bluetooth headsets won’t connect with the iPad, and no built-in mic make its usability as a VoIP solution limited.  So there are some apps that make perfect since why they haven’t worked on it yet.  (UPDATE: Yes, it does have a built-in microphone, I had never noticed it and … well … I’m not that well-known for reading instruction manuals.  This makes the lack of an updated Skype app all that more of a question mark, but my apologies for the inaccurate statement. – SPA)

We’ve seen small and big companies alike knock out their iPad apps since day one, but yet we still wait for Facebook and the like to get their act together.  Do they need some programmers?  Perhaps little strapped for cash with any number of lawsuits going on?  Let us know, we’ll get you help.

What say you?  Why do you think some of the big name companies have yet to release an iPad app?