There are plenty of times throughout the year when I suggest friends and family not buy a new phone. “Just wait,” I’ll say, noting that some new Samsung, LG, HTC or Apple product is just over the horizon. While that’s the case many months out of the year, right now is probably one of the best times to get a new smartphone. In fact, the selection is great, and, so far as I can tell, there’s nothing amazing coming right over the horizon that’ll make your shiny new smartphone look like a dirty old brick.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are still fresh and, soon, stock should be good enough that you’ll be able to find the model you’re looking for without long shipping delays. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is no longer an option, but you can find some pretty good deals on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge right now. The successor to those devices, the Galaxy S8, isn’t expected until sometime in February, which means you won’t be buying a new phone only to see an even better model option launch a month later. Plus, like iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy S devices tend to age pretty well. The Galaxy S6 is still a damn nice phone, and it’s almost two years old.

LG just launched the LG V20, too. We’re still working on our review, but folks who want a removable battery and expandable storage need look no further. The LG V20 packs flagship specs, a beautiful metal body, plenty of camera and audio options and a large Quad HD display. Again, it’s brand new to the market, so you don’t need to worry about a “better” LG phone launching anytime soon.

The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are great choices, too, though I prefer the latter. If you care about Android updates and using Google’s latest features, like Google Assistant, you really can’t go wrong with either phone. Plus, Google sweetens the deal with unlimited full-size photo and video storage, 24/7 support and more.

There are plenty of other choices, too. I love what Motorola’s doing with the Moto Z and its mods system, despite the rather expensive price tags associated with those extras. The HTC 10 is a fantastic smartphone that’s often discounted and ships in a gorgeous red hue. If you’re still a BlackBerry fan, the company just launched its new BlackBerry DTEK60 smartphone. Or, if you’re looking to save some cash, check out some of the more affordable options from Chinese manufacturers that are spreading their wings to the U.S. with high-end phones at low prices. My personal favorite is the OnePlus 3, but the Honor 8 and the LeEco LePro3, which launches tomorrow, are alternatives worth considering.

The selection is large right now, and sales are going to start kicking off really soon, too. Yesterday, for example, Amazon was discounting various iPhone models. Motorola typically offers really compelling deals around the holidays, as do U.S. carriers trying to grab new subscribers. That means most of the flagships should see price drops very soon.

If you’re shopping for a new smartphone, there’s no better time to buy. Feel free to shop during the coming weeks as prices start to drop, too. But rest assured that we aren’t expecting any massive new launches until a few months into the new year.