Sorry, Sir Paul McCartney. Backstreet is back, and it is taking the stage as the leading musical act in Destiny. A group of six cool-as-ice Guardians banded together while running Venus, and using their emotes and abilities, made a surprisingly well-choreographed music video to every male's least favorite jam of the late 90s.

Don't worry, it's okay to like this song these days. Go go, ironic nostalgia! We'll be thinking the same thing about Baby and What Makes You Beautiful in twenty years.

I can't imagine the practice, planning, and attempts that YouTube channel Husky Raid took while making this video. The precision of the explosives and timing of the battle animations all fall right into place, making this a perfect recreation of a Backstreet Boys flaming laser concert. And how about that that dancing! Gasp! I just wish there was a better camera and video recording option that didn't force a pistol to block all of the action, or maybe that was the point: painting this as experiencing a random occurrence while on a raid.

The music video doesn't kick in until a minute into the video as the team obviously needed to clear the room before filming, and it takes a bit of time to become genuine gold. It does get there though. Bungie couldn't have asked for a better viral commercial to sell dance emotes to players.

Someone needs to make this music collaboration official and get some better video editing software in this game. We all know Rockstar would have been all over this already