I like to think I’ve always been pretty good at Wheel of Fortune ever since I watched the show leaning against my grandmother’s knees in her nursing home. But I’m not so sure I’d be as good as this guy, Robert, who just won a pretty amazing round by guessing the puzzle with just one letter.

Robert, in a recent game of Wheel of Fortune that you can watch above, had just the symbol “&” and the letter “D” when he, surprisingly, asked to solve the puzzle – the hint was “Places” – immediately. Without a stutter: Robert drops the bombshell: Port & Starboard. Boom. Done.

But then he continues crushing puzzle after puzzle, some with more letters, making for a pretty impressive game overall. He’s on such a roll that you can hear he’s starting to get out of breath.

Robert ultimately walks away from the game with $76,086. Watch the clip here: