WhatsAppMysteriously, and without warning, WhatsApp has disappeared from the iOS App Store. The cross platform messaging app has become one of the most popular messengers currently available on smartphones. A search on WhatsApp’s website reveals no word on why the sudden pull, or when it will be back. When we cross-checked the Android Market, the app was still there. As of now, iOS users looking to download the communication tool have to go silent for the time being.

WhatsApp recently ran into a security exploit that allowed a third-party website to update status messages, but the company said the issue had been patched for now.

We’ve reached out to the company for an explanation, and received this response:

We apologize that we are temporarily unavailable on iTunes. We have submitted a new version of WhatsApp Messenger to Apple and are awaiting publication to iTunes. Please contact Apple for further information.

So hang tight, and holster those itchy messaging fingers! It looks like WhatsApp will be back soon.