WhatsApp has become the first major third party messaging service to work with Apple’s CarPlay. According to iCulture, WhatsApp is rolling out support with its latest update, version 2.18.20.

Just like other third party apps, WhatsApp will show up in the app icon grid when the iPhone is connected via CarPlay. It’ll function the same way as iMessages does with badge notifications, but you won’t be able to scroll through message threads.

Apple is notoriously strict in its guidelines for CarPlay support, but WhatsApp was still able to roll out most of the features iMessages offers, and that’s a good start.

While we are happy WhatsApp now works with CarPlay, we’re still eagerly awaiting third party map apps to offer support. This development has been stuck in neutral due to Apple’s strict guidelines and its mission to make Apple Maps the main service through CarPlay. We’re not sure if this will ever change, but with WhatsApp gaining support, we’re holding on to hope.

WhatsApp for CarPlay is now rolling out to iOS users.