The development team behind Facebook-owned WhatsApp have submitted a translation request for a new Night Mode feature that should improve the quality of photographs taken using the application in low-light conditions. The feature is expected to debut on iOS as soon as next month, then make its way to Android later in the year.

At present, WhatsApp users who choose to snap photographs to send to contacts using the client only have the facility to zoom, toggle the LED flash and switch between the front- and rear-facing camera, so having a dedicated Night Mode should compensate for the notable lack of filters and other light enhancement tools.

WhatsApp falls short when compared to other messaging clients

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for an eye-watering $21 billion back in 2014. Since then, it's seen its user base climb to 1.2 billion, an impressive achievement considering the platform falls short when compared to other messaging clients like iMessage, which has a lot more features, including Digital Touch and Reactions.