Social media is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to reach potential customers. Every major brand has its own Twitter account, celebrities like Lady Gaga have their own accounts (hers with 10 million followers), and group buying services like Groupon are popping up every second.

So what’s the real cost associated with social media? broke down the costs and benefits of a serious social media campaign, and aggregated them into this inforgraphic. Some interesting facts: A company may shell out close to $210,600 to run a social media campaign- $93,600 of that going to a Community Manager. A Facebook fan is also likely to spend considerably more ($71.84 on average) on a brand than someone who is not a fan of the brand on the social networking site.

If you’re interested in social media and how it impacts the things we do, then the whole study is pretty interesting. Check out the infographic for yourself below, and tell us what you think in the comments!