Dissecting a smartphone to its crudest form reveals nothing more than well placed pieces of glass, metal and plastic. Yet, in just a few short years, our favorite companies have forged primitive landlines into pocketable devices that you and I just can't live without. (I'd go so far as to say that smartphones rank just below air, water and food as an essential human survival ingredient. Crazy, but true.) This year has churned out plenty of exciting tech, which has happily kept us busy toying with, and reviewing, all the latest and greatest — the One X, Galaxy S III, Lumia 900, just to name a few.

We've chimed in with what we believe are the best devices out right now, but what about you, dear Buffalo? We have the privilege of talking about this stuff everyday, but in the end, we consider ourselves to be a regular old consumer Everyman, just like you. So we want to know, what's your favorite device so far this year? The list is long, but we've managed to pick out the best and most innovative devices that have graced our pockets thus far. What phone tops your list?