While there has not been any official confirmation as of yet that there will be a new iPhone coming out this year, we do have to remember that this is Apple we’re talking about here.  A new model each year is pretty much a given, and there is no reason why 2010 should be any different.

Seeing that the original iPhone came out on June 29, 2007, the second was released on July 11, 2008 and the 3G S hit stores on June 19, 2009, it seems pretty safe to say that either June or July of this year will have us seeing yet another Apple press event where the fourth generation device is introduced.  The big question is of course what new features will we see?  What will be the selling point this time that makes people want to upgrade or finally dive into owning one?  We’re going to offer up a few suggestions, and then we want to hear what you’re waiting for.



Sure the iPhone has a camera already, but wouldn’t it be nice to finally see a zoom feature and higher megapixels?

We can of course also dream of a front facing camera for video conferencing needs, but that just seems unlikely for right now for some odd reason.  The only reason Apple may pull this one out right now is due to the fact so many people want it on the iPad and this would be a way to separate the two product lines for a bit longer.


Stop laughing!  Apple knows we all want it, and for whatever reason they keep not giving it to us, although speculation runs to the idea it is to avoid possible app conflicts.  At some point Apple is going to need to look into a way to doing this because people want to listen to music as they do other things on the device.  I’m just not sure they are up to it quite yet.


This is a feature that feels like it has to be in the pipeline, and while it is more of a software trick than a hardware feature, it still would be nice to see it finally happen.

The Givens

There are a few things that are almost a certainty.  While none of these are 100 percent, they do seem fairly likely to happen.

  • Increased battery life
  • Increased memory storage
  • Switch to an Apple-produced processing chip, possibly the A4 or some other chip we haven’t heard of yet

Your Predictions/Wishes?

It’s time to have your say.  What would you like to see coming out in the fourth generation iPhone?  Go wild, dream big, tell us your craziest iPhone wishes (as well as the more realistic ones).