In this video I give you a tour of the iPad apps that I'm using on a regular basis right now. As promised, below is a full list of apps that I've got loaded, plus a quick explanation as to why I have them. The ones in bold are those that I use at least once per day.

IMdb: If you like movies, this app is an immersive one-stop place for movie reviews, actor profiles, trailers, and more.

Desktop Connect: This is a remote VNC client that lets you remotely access your Mac or PC. It's not optmized for those with more than one screen, but it's quite handy if you want to remotely access your computer.

NFS Shift: One of the best racing games for iPad. Graphics are terrific.

RealRacingHD: Another fantastic 3D racing game for iPad. I like this better than NFS Shift.

Analytics HD: This app ties into Google Analytics to give you website stats.

Pandora: This needs no explanation. But I should say that using Pandora on the iPad is a bit pointless…since you can't multitask, you can stare at album art, and that's it.

AIM: The free AIM client is fantastic and makes great use of screen space.

TWC MAX+: This is my favorite weather application. It has a great interface.

WSJ: You can browse The Wall Street Journal app for free with limited access, or pay $4 per week for the iPad subscription and get access to entire issues.

Kindle: This app lets you download and read books through the Kindle store. Since I have a Kindle device, all of my highlights, notes, and bookmarks are saved.

NYT: Fantastic journalism in a free app. What more could you ask for?

Facebook: There is STILL no native iPad Facebook app! So this is the iPhone version, which you can pixel-double to go full screen. It works fine.

iStockManager: I use this to watch my stocks.

Twitterific: There are plenty of iPad Twitter clients. This is one of my favorites. It's a great way to experience Twitter. Currently, you can't add images to tweets.

Speed This is an iPhone app, but it's handy on the iPad to test your network speed.

Koi Pond: This too is an iPhone app. It's a relaxing and fun way to kill five minutes of boredom.

Tap Tap Radiation: This free game makes you think quick as you listen to music and touch parts of the screen as bubbles float towards you.

Magic Piano: I'm still not exactly sure what the purpose of this app is, but it's fun, and free.

Pages: This is Apple's productivity product. I don't use it much.

ColoringBook: If I had kids, they'd love this app. You can use various colors to paint pictures.

NPR: This free app lets you access NPR radio. The interface is amazing.

Pro Keys: This is a free Piano app that lets you touch multi keys at once.

GoodReader: If you use Google Documents, this app will easily let you access your documents.

Scrabble: Although this app is $10, it's tons of fun. They need to bring more board games to the iPad!

Yahoo! Entertainment: This app is ideal for those that watch a lot of TV.

Drum Meister: A super fun app for those that like to play the drums.

Opera Mini: This is an iPhone app. I downloaded this just to see what another browser would be like on the iPad. Since it's not mad for the iPad, it's not too interesting.

Sand Garden: This app is another boredom color. It lets you draw in the sand. Kind of silly.

StopWatch: This is an iPhone app that acts as a stop watch.

Illusions HD: This inexpensive app has a variety of optical illusions.