AT&T on Thursday held a press event in New York City where it demonstrated several new technologies that it's working on inside its labs. Among the new technology on display was AT&T's Watson Voice Recognition Technology and Speech API. AT&T hasn't yet perfected the technology, but it could allow users to speak to their televisions or smartphones to make them "do what you say."

The Watson API, which will be available to developers in June, works similar to Siri in that it can understand speech to execute a specific set of commands. We've already seen this technology from other firms such as Nuance, too. AT&T hopes that developers will take advantage of the technology to build speech commands into their own applications. We're imagining Spotify, for example, taking advantage of Watson so that we could speak to Spotify to play a specific song, artist, or genre. This isn't possible, yet, of course, but it's an example of a third-party application that could use AT&T's technology if it wanted to.

The API will also support questions and answers, web search and the AT&T Uverse television application for controlling your TV and browsing movie titles, TV shows and actors. Apple is reportedly working on a similar project with its Siri-powered TV, but AT&T's solution is limited to its Uverse programming guide and not a single TV. AT&T hopes to bring its tech to social media and gaming, too.