As Nintendo releases both Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and their new line of amiibo cards this week, you might be a little curious about how the cards actually work.

Well, they pretty much feel like standard cards, albeit perhaps slightly heavier than a typical trading card. These cards can be scanned by the New Nintendo 3DS, and that’ll unlock some in-game content for Happy Home Designer.

How, exactly? Well, Michibiku took a double that they had and tore it in two. The result? We can see what’s inside an amiibo card. Here it is, in all its glory.

inside an amiibo card

Yep, that’s it. The NFC happens on a teeny, tiny chip that sits roughly behind an amiibo logo on the backside of each card.

Now that the work has been done for you, you can simply enjoy your amiibo cards without actually ripping them open. Well, that is if you buy any of these cards. They come in packs of six for $5.99, and they only work with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer so far.