We get to play with the latest gadgets, it's true. We test them, we review them, we compare them … and then we have to move on to the next "Newest, greatest thing evAr!" Such is the life of a tech reporter – there's always something new to make you forget about whatever it was you were obsessed with last week.

But in the real world people don't switch cell phones twice a week. Maybe, if you're really into phones, you buy/sell/trade your phone every few months. Most people, however, sign a contract and keep their phone until that contract is up – a full two years is the current standard in the United States. Two years is a long time to be wed to a gadget you'll literally have with you everywhere you go. Which is why we need YOUR help.

What's in your pocket? Show us those phones, Buffalos, and tell us what you really think of them. Whether it's a five year old featurephone or a brand-new 4G Droid, we want to know what you're carrying around and what you love, hate, and otherwise have to say about it.

If you can, post a Video Response on our YouTube channel. We'll pick some of the best ones and feature them right here on TechnoBuffalo. You can also send a written review to herd [at] technobuffalo [dot com]. Share your thoughts and help the Herd: Nobody wants to be stuck with a lame phone for two years, and you know better than anyone what it's really like to live with whatever you've got in your pocket!