Apparently, BuzzKeyur has big pockets. Keyur from Buzz Gadgets submitted a video in response to our What's in Your Pocket? call-out and was to fish not only a Verizon HTC ThunderBolt out of his pocket, but an AT&T Apple iPhone 4 as well. If you've got 20+ minutes to spare, Keyur does a nice comparison review, going into great detail about the pros, cons, and differences in the two smartphones' design, features, and performance.

At one point, Keyur talks about how he used to be an Apple fanboy but has recently opened his mind to Android and other platforms. By the end of the video, I'd be more likely to call him an HTC/Android fan than anything else … though having been accused many (many) times of being a fanboy, I'll try to fight off the instinct that seems to make all YouTube viewers start throwing such accusations around. Instead, kudos to you, Keyur, for admitting your past biases and opening your mind – and heart? – to the world of multiple mobile operating systems.

Click Play to dive deep, deep, deep into ThunderBolt vs iPhone 4 with BuzzKeyur.