One of the questions we hear most often from readers is, “What gear do you use personally?” Well, Jon Rettinger is here to answer that, and you’ll see it covers a wide range of items.

As journalists in the technology field, we carry a lot more gear than the average person. We need to be able to do a lot of things at a moment’s notice when we’re out of the office, but this also leads to two big issues: The weight we’re carrying and going through airport security can be a nightmare. A quick look at what’s in Jon’s bag and you can easily see how both issues can be quite a factor for us.

It’s a fun life, to be sure, but after a full day of carrying this much weight around and you just want to dump it all. Jon’s love for the Incase backpack has tempted me multiple times, but I’m more of a shoulder bag guy. After watching this video, though, I’m tempted to switch.

Take a look at the video, and if anything really strikes your fancy we’ve linked them below for your convenience.



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