It's been nearly six months since Amazon announced Prime Video would arrive on the Apple TV. Yet, with 2018 looming, we still don't know the app's status despite Amazon saying it would hit before next year. What exactly is going on?

Make no mistake, the absence of Prime Video continues to be one of Apple TV's most glaring shortcomings, and a problem that, at least on the surface, appears purely political. Remember when Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV? Clearly, the two companies don't have the coziest of relationships.

It ultimately affects customers. There's absolutely no reason the service shouldn't already be on the Apple TV. To put this all into context, the app's announcement was so newsworthy it garnered a mention during Apple's WWDC presentation.

This is the same app that's been available on Roku devices for years (and, of course, Fire TV devices).

Most people will be able to get their fix without Prime Video. Apple TV users still have access to iTunes, along with services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and more. But Amazon has beefed up its Prime Video service over the past few years, building an empire of original content, including Catastrophe, Mozart in the Jungle, and Transparent.

And now that Apple offers a version of the Apple TV with support for 4K content, consumers will have more opportunities to watch higher resolution TV and movies. That is, if and when Prime Video launches for Apple's set-top box. Barring a major falling out between the two companies, it's still likely to come out. We just don't know when.

According to a number of reports—from just this week, in fact—Prime Video for Apple TV is being internally tested as a beta as we speak, though it's still unclear when it'll be formally released. Several rumored release dates have come and gone since Prime Video for Apple TV was announced, so the fact that the app is being tested in beta doesn't mean much.

Once Prime Video does make its debut, it'll support Apple's TV app, which collects content from a number of different services into a single channel. I know I'm not the only one anxiously awaiting its arrival—if it ever arrives at all.

With only a month before it's 2018, the clock is ticking for both companies to make good on their promises to release the app before the end of the year.