Google’s latest effort to enhance its search results came via its newly launched Knowledge Graph feature.

Previously, conducting a Google search with a particular set of keywords or character cluster merely yielded websites that contained those search terms. Sounds simple enough — but maybe it was too simple, as it didn’t take context or other factors into account. To address this, Google created the Knowledge Graph to make search more intelligent. When looking for info on people, places or groups, the feature now offers up pictures, maps, a short history or bios, and/or other related facts alongside its search results.

The order of the rest of the results has been tweaked as well. It generally goes like this: Breaking news, the official site, Wikipedia links, tribute/fan sites, Google images, YouTube videos, and then other relevant search terms.

Again, it only works with proper nouns as search terms. Longer or vaguer queries will still churn out classic results.

Have you taken Google’s Knowledge Graph for a whirl yet? What do you think of the change?

[via Google Blog]