HP CEO Meg Whitman said earlier this week she needs another two weeks to figure out what to do with webOS, the reigning “I coulda been a contender!” of the mobile computing world. In the short span of a year HP went from investing billions in the platform to deciding to kill it off entirely to claiming the number two spot on the global tablet sales charts based on a “Going out of business! Probably!” firesale on the webOS-powered TouchPad tablet.

And now the fate of webOS once again hangs in the balance. It’s no secret HP has been adrift this year, and has thus far taken a bath on the operating system formerly known as Palm’s. But it’s also no secret that webOS is pretty awesome. It’d take a ton of work on the hardware, software, evangelism, and marketing fronts to take the OS from “software with potential” to “Apple/Google challenger,” but it might be well worth it. Or HP could put it up on the auction block in hopes that HTC or Samsung or some other company will (here comes the inevitable Meg/eBay joke) Buy It Now, letting Meg & Co. cut their losses at least a little and move on to whatever it is they’ve got planned for 2012.

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