You know me. I write about this franchise all the time, explaining how it is one of the most celebrated and influential in gaming history and how it is easy enough to be enjoyed by just about everyone. At the same time, it has more than enough traditions, depth, and familiarity with fans to make it more than just another JRPG.

It’s never too late to jump aboard and try a new series, and with the promises of Dragon Quest Builders delivering a near-Minecraft experience, that’s a whole new allure that the mainline games don’t have when seeking out new fans.

In fact, just last year, Square Enix tried to make Dragon Quest Heroes a sensation as well with the aid of Koei Tecmo’s action development team, Omega Force. The game sold over a million copies in Japan, but like most everything other game in its history, it failed to find similar success in the West. Even the Steam port turned up just… okay.

In regards to the main games, they are going to see three releases between now and next spring, including two of the series’ most celebrated titles. Already, Dragon Quest VII is doing well with fans and critics alike on the Nintendo 3DS, and a 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII promises to bring the most critically acclaimed game in the franchise to an even larger audience!

This is, of course, all to get us ready for Dragon Quest XI, when it launches in early 2017 in Japan and possibly throughout the rest of the world.

However, none of this can happen if nobody gets involved while the series is feeling experimental. I get it. The main games are excruciatingly long JRPGs and take a huge commitment from beginning to end. That is time many people might not have, and even then, the tropes and humor might be too much of an inside joke after 30 years of establishing them.

Do you know what a “puff puff” is?

The familiarity of Minecraft though should be enough to tempt this generation into at least trying out Dragon Quest Builders. If the JRPGs are not altogether your thing, then why not give this a try? If the allure of Minecraft is not enough, and Dragon Quest XI is a little too old-school when it launches last year, then, what do you think it would take to make you try a game and become a fan?