With word that Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t be out until late 2010, there hasn’t been much speculation as to what Microsoft will be announcing when Steve Ballmer takes the stage this coming Wednesday.  It’s been a busy year up in Seattle with the release of Windows 7 and the Zune HD.  So what does 2010 hold for Microsoft?  Your guess is as good as mine.

xbox360Xbox 360

It’s impossible to argue that the Xbox 360 has been anything but a huge success for Microsoft.  Despite it only being their second attempt, Microsoft has so far beat out Sony for the #2 spot in today’s console wars.  So what’s next for the Xbox? Two years ago, Microsoft lost the format war to Sony’s Blu-ray, leaving the Xbox’s HD DVD player pretty useless.  It’s about time Microsoft surrenders, adding Blu-ray support for the newest version of Xbox 360.  We might also get to see some of the progress made behind Project Natal, the full-body motion-sensing device. Don’t expect it to be playable by attendees but maybe they’re gearing up for an in-depth demonstration – wouldn’t E3 be the place for this?


Easily the biggest news item of year was the rumors that Microsoft had been working on their own version of a tablet computer.  Immediately viewers were blown away by the idea and even more so by the incredibly intuitive UI conceptions.  Although Steve Ballmer has been tight-lipped on the subject, would you expect anything different?  If Microsoft does make any announcement concerning the Courier, it will undoubtedly steal the show.

zuneZune Media Center

The Zune HD is a breath of fresh air for the product line.  Microsoft proved they too could package beautiful hardware and software in a sleek, functional device.  What’s lacking from Microsoft as a whole is a product ecosystem where devices seamlessly interact with one another and, together, producing an experience that frustration-free.  This center needs to be where your Xbox, Zune, WinMo, and PC media come together.   A Zune Center could be it.

Is there anything else that Microsoft might have up their sleeves for 2010? Do you think they’ll show off other products like WinMo 7?  Let us know what you think they’ve got cookin’.