Lets face it, the PalmPad is happening.  HP, who purchased WebOS maker Palm earlier this year, filed for a trademark for the name, so it is inevitable that the device is coming.  The only question we have now is what will it look like, what will it do and how will it impact sales of the iPad.

Our own Jon Rettinger wrote up a piece over at WirelessWeek that spelled out his thoughts on what the device will hold for us:

  • 8.9-inch screen
  • Touchscreen with stylus pen interface that lets you write or draw on screen
  • Front-facing webcam, plus a still cam for taking pictures
  • Physical keyboard
  • Headphones
  • Conventional SIM card tray
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Multi-tasking
  • Support for Adobe Flash

palm preAh, yes, Flash.  The dagger everyone will drive into the heart of Steve Jobs to make a point.

Jon brings up an excellent point about the physical interfaces the PalmPad may require.  To date we have not seen WebOS work with anything other than a physical keyboard.  Will HP forgo it on this device and get a soft keyboard on the screen, or will we somehow get what really amounts to a netbook without a hinged lid?  And my brain begins to hurt if I try to ponder something this large being a slider, so I have to figure it will switch over to a soft keyboard.

The idea of adding a stylus I like, although I know Apple fans will blow their lids over the concept, but come on, writing with your finger is not precise, nor pretty.  Give me the stylus option for certain activities.

Whatever form the PalmPad ends up taking, it should be an interesting device, and with the marketing power of HP behind it, it could end up going a long way.

What say you?  Is Jon close to being on the mark?