As we wind down the year, we could take a look back at all the great games 2009 brought us.  Since Spike TV already did the honors, we thought we'd compile a list of games that'll have every gamer shut away for day or even weeks on end.  Let's take a look at what 2010 will do for gaming.

God of War III – PS3

If you've played the first two God of War games, you're surely excited about the third.  As the first game in the franchise set on the PS3, expect some of the best graphics you've seen as you slice hundreds of minions.  With a storyline that's as compelling as its graphics, God of War III should be on every PS3 owner's list.  Join Kratos in his third attempt to exact revenge on the Gods that betrayed him.  Look for God of War III this coming March.   Check out LP's gameplay and the official game trailer.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Wii

mariogalaxy2Even in today's world of highly realistic graphics and nonstop action, there's little more relaxing than popping in an incredible Mario platformer.   One of the best Wii games to date, Super Mario Galaxy is a must have for any fan of the Mario series.  You can bet that it's sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will follow in its footsteps.  With Yoshi in tow and the return of bumblebee Mario, expect to fight your way through Bowser to save the easily kidnapped Princess Peach.  Plan to pick up the sequel sometime in 2010.  Be sure to check out the trailer.

Mass Effect 2 – Xbox 360 & PC

Receiving an editor's choice award and a score of 9.4 on IGN, the first Mass Effect was no joke.  Commander Shepard returns for a suicide mission to discover what's destroying all the humans.  Unlike so many other sequels, saved game data from the first game actually matters, and it matters a lot.  Fans of the first game have undoubtedly been following news of the sequel.  For those that skipped out on the first, you've got about a month to catch up.  The game debuts this coming January 26th.  Here's the trailer.

Final Fantasy XIII – Xbox 360 & PS3

ff13Easily one of the top grossing franchises ever, the Final Fantasy series has millions of followers worldwide.  Set in the world of Cocoon, expect FFXII to be the biggest adventure that either console has ever seen.  With the some of the most impressive graphics, award winning soundtracks, and in-depth story lines the gaming world has ever seen, you can be sure Square Enix's latest offering won't disappoint.  Look for Final Fantasy XIII on March 9th, 2010.  For now, check out the mind-blowingly beautiful trailer.

BioShock 2 – Xbox 360 & PC & PS3

Receiving one of the highest rating ever, the original Bioshock won awards throughout the gaming community.  With their second go, 2K Games has set the multiplayer mode one year before the first game and the single mode taking place ten years after.  If it's half as good as the first, expect a whole new level of gameplay that pushes the FPS envelope.  Look for BioShock 2 February 9th.  Here's the trailer in HD.

Starcraft II – PC

sc2A game that's 6 years in the making, Starcraft II is the sequel to the arguably best RTS game of all time.  Despite being over 10 years old, Brood War is still played professionally around the world.  As the first of three games in the Starcraft II, Wings of Liberty is set four years after Brood War with all the popular characters making their return.  There'll be plenty of new units like the Mothership and Thor as well as old units like Zerglings and Siege Tanks.  As I'll be part of the upcoming beta, expect to hear and see more as soon as it's announced.  Until then, check out the trailer to what will surely be one of the biggest games of the year.

What other games are you looking forward to this coming year?  Share your excitement in the comments!