With the Jelly Bean statue having been added to the collection of Android statues, it seems safe to say that the next version of Android is indeed on its way.  But we're curious, what version of Android are you currently running?

With some phones such as the AT&T Galaxy S II receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich update as recently as this week, it would appear that Jelly Bean is darn close to being ready to roll out as almost a "ha ha!" to users.  That got us wondering around the TechnoBuffalo offices what version of Android all of our users are running.  Take a moment to vote in our poll below and let us know what you think about Jelly Bean looking to be announced.

And, if you don't use Android, then we're sorry there's no option for you in this particular poll. Also, this is just for official versions of Android, we don't even want to think about how many options we'd have to put in for all of the custom ROMs.

Check back tomorrow to find out the results before we launch our Google I/O 2012 Liveblog!