With the iPad 2 having finally made its official debut, one has to wonder if there aren’t some tidbits to be learned from it of what we might see in the iPhone 5 expected to be released this summer.  Seeing as Apple views all of its iOS devices as parts of one large eco-system, each release gives us some hints to the next (iPhone 4 got a front facing camera, then the iPod Touch 4 and now the iPad 2).  Using this same thought process, what does the iPad 2 tell us about the iPhone 5?

a5-processorThe most obvious change in the iPhone will be graduating from the A4 chip to the 1 GHz A5 dual-core processor that was introduced earlier today.  If anything is a given for moving over to the next iteration of the iPhone, this is it.  Manufacturers are adding dual-core chips left and right to their phones, and while Apple is normally the one to innovate, they’re going to be playing a bit of catch-up this time around.  Of course, when you consider that NVIDIA has already announced that quad-core chips are coming later this year, we can probably guess where Apple will go next year.

Seeing as how Apple is obsessed with constantly making things lighter and thinner, we can also assume that the iPhone 5 will have a thinner display.  The big question there will be if we’ll see any changes in resolution seeing as the company already claims they’ve gone beyond the range of the human eye, you’d almost have to think there would be no point to doing so.

apple-digital-adapterOne of the more intriguing aspects of the iPad 2 was the addition of 1080p output via an external dongle that will allow screen sharing with HD TV sets.  We have since learned via MacDailyNews that this is backwards compatible to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, but that both of those devices will only output 720p.  This leads us to believe it is the A5 chip that is pushing the resolution higher, which makes it stand to reason the iPhone 5 will be able to go up to 1080p if it does indeed receive the new chip.

Overall it looks like there were several hints to what we can expect from the next iteration of the iPhone, but of course there are sure to be a few surprises up Steve Jobs turtle-necked sleeve come this summer.  Of course, one thing those of us around here would dearly love to see is some updates to iOS, but that one we’ll definitely have to wait to find out about.

What do you think?  Think the iPad 2 holds any more secrets to the iPhone 5.