4G LTE has finally hit the iPad, bringing with it a new set of LTE data plans from the two U.S. service providers. The AT&T and Verizon LTE fees were posted on Apple.com today, but bear in mind that there was at least one goof listed: AT&T’s $30 LTE data plan is for 3 GB per month, not 2 GB. Verizon’s $30/2 GB plan, however, is still correct.

But that’s not the only difference: Big Red also offers a higher tier, at 10 GB/$80 per month, while AT&T slides in a lightweight cheapie option at 250 MB/$15 per month.

As with previous iPad plans, they both offer data service contract-free.

Are you getting a 4G iPad? Which carrier are you going with?

UPDATE: The page on Apple.com appears to be fixed now, with the appropriate AT&T details now listed. Click here to go to Apple’s iPad page, hit up AT&T directly here or visit Verizon Wireless’ iPad data rate page here.