Felicia Day

Felicia Day may not be on the hot list in Hollywood, but the actor-writer-producer is on the A-list in the hearts of geeks far and wide. Not only is she buds with SciFi/fantasy favorite Joss Whedon — who cast her in some of her best-known roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Dollhouse — but she’s also proven herself as an online video virtuoso. Her original web comedy series, The Guild, is a cult hit about MMORPG online gamers that first debuted on YouTube (Season 1) in 2007 before going on to the Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune Marketplace, MSN Video and iTunes in subsequent seasons.

Dr horrible

But despite her indie success — The Guild has nabbed upwards of 150 million views, thanks to multiple distribution channels, now including Netflix and Hulu — Day still has a soft spot in her heart for YouTube, where her Geek & Sundry channel hosts a variety of shows and webisodes, including The Flog and Written By A Kid. In addition to having a catchy name, Geek & Sundry also has a catchy hook: Its mission is to “present the very best of indie geek culture.”

There’s no doubt that Day has some serious geek cred. So what’s it like being a pioneer of original online content ushering in the future of streaming television? Here are a few choice bits, courtesy of Lifehacker:

Name: Felicia Day
Occupation: Producer of Geek & Sundry
Location: Los Angeles
Work Computer: iMac
Mobile Computer: 11-inch MacBook Air
Gaming Rig (but of course): A sweet, tricked-out desktop PC
Smartphone: iPhone 4 for now, but still waiting for the 5 to deliver
Essentials: Post-it notes, TextEdit (Mac application), Dropbox and Kindle e-reader.

On what her home office setup is like… 

I have a small office in my house with my iMac and gaming PC where I do the majority of my busy work, editing notes, emails, etc. I also have a back office I converted from a garage where I go to do creative work and shoot my weekly show The Flog. I recently got a treadmill desk too in the den, which is literally the best purchase I’ve ever made. So I rotate throughout the day in those three spaces when I’m not at the Geek & Sundry office, which is most the time. I like to work reclusively.

On listening to music while she works… 

When I am creating something I have to do it in absolute silence. I think that stems from my time as a violinist in my childhood and college. For several hours a day though, I’m just doing social media and editing notes and other busy work, and then I have a Pandora station I go to. I don’t have time to thoughtfully put together playlists unfortunately. I need discovery to be a key of my listening and Pandora does that perfectly.

On being efficient and productive… 

My most efficient times are when I force myself to create for one hour after getting up, and then do emails. That way I’m grounded in my own work before being available for other peoples’ needs. And to-do lists the night before are the only way I can really be efficient about planning my day smartly. My godsend lately has been an email auto-response that basically says, “I’m just not checking email,” and referring to other people at Geek & Sundry to help solve problems. I have a bit of OCD guilt where I need to respond and help every single person, and I just had to cut myself off because I was destroying myself with overwork.

The best advice she has ever gotten? 

“The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.” I heard that in an acting class and it resonates with me every day. Especially when I feel tempted to half-ass something.

Wise words. Maybe if everyone heeded these tips, we could all be kicking butt and blazing trails too. For more from the coolest she-geek on the planet, check out the source link to see the full interview. Or hit up The Guild‘s first episode from Season 6, embedded below.

[Via Lifehacker]