Google held an event today in New York City where it unveiled a slew of new products, including the much-leaked Pixel 3 and 3 XL. One of the new products that it announced was the Pixel Stand, a new wireless charger that Google calls the “smartest wireless charger.”

What does Google exactly mean by that?

Aside from charging your phone, which it can do in either portrait or landscape mode with 10W fast charging, it also has some smart capabilities that will enhance the charging experience.

When a Pixel 3 device is put on the Pixel Stand, it’ll communicate with the charger and automatically adjust the display to fit the time. At nighttime, which is when most people charge their phones, it’ll activate Do Not Disturb Mode and relay notifications in a simplified manner similar to how Always On Display does. It’ll also make Google Assistant available front and center with a dedicated button on the screen to go along with the voice activation.

For the daytime aspect, when waking up in the morning when your alarm goes off, it’ll show you an ambient lighting that mimics the sun and gives you a breakdown of your day down to the calendar events, weather and traffic. If you charge your device at any other point during the day, it’ll cycle through pictures in your Google Photos albums turning it into a glorified photo frame.

You can still use the Pixel Stand with other Qi compatible devices, it just won’t add the extra features it offers with the Pixel 3.

The Pixel Stand will retail for $79 and can be pre-ordered now. Google says it’ll begin shipping the wireless charger between November 8 and 12.