Every state in the US has Pokémon GO players, and, like politics and local breweries, every state has its own tastes and needs. Maybe not everyone in California wants a Bulbasaur or a Snorlax. Maybe they want a Pikachu or a Lapras… or a Doduo.

Just kidding. Nobody wants a Doduo.

Research firm Decluttr ran some Google search engine volume checks recently to see what Pokémon each state is looking for the most. Montana is the wisest of them all because Bulbasaur is the reigning king of cool in the Pokémon universe! However, sadly, nobody is apparently on the hunt for Poliwag. Come on, is it really that lame?

And way to go to Joey’s and my own state of Delaware on the lookout for Pikachu. Keeping it boring as usual. Don’t ever change, Delaware!

See Decluttr’s full map below.

Pokemon Go MAP