E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's the largest yearly gaming convention designed and put on for both industry press and investors. It's meant to serve as a launch pad and showcase of the newest upcoming games and hardware.

What it's turned into, however, is an arms race. Companies go after one another every single year as they battle, collectively, for the best press conference, the best booth, the hottest booth babes, the best games and the best swag.

Oh, right, there is an absolute ton of swag tossed around at E3. More than any other conference I've been to across the tech, comic, anime and gaming worlds, E3 is host to some of the most ridiculous free stuff you'll ever see. I've received almost everything from t-shirts, to jackets, posters, games, toys, food and booze.

E3's also evolved into one big party. This is the best time of year to meet up with the industry contacts and peers that you've been working with virtually for a good long time. So when the gaming appointments are over and it's time to head back to the hotel for a cat nap, most companies are prepping their after-show parties.

The business end of the week moves like this: Monday is a full day of press conferences from companies like Ubisoft, Microsoft, EA and Sony. Tuesday morning marks Nintendo's presser. Then Tuesday afternoon all the way to Thursday evening becomes the time to traverse the show floor, spot new games, interview developers and get some hands-on time with the latest and greatest.

So expect coverage at most sites to roll like this: Monday and Tuesday will mostly be announcements, trailers, rumors and breaking news. Tuesday afternoon until Thursday will be in-game footage, previews and hands-on coverage.

That's E3. It's crazy.

The show officially starts next Monday, June 6th. Keep it locked to TechnoBuffalo as we'll be bringing you folks the biggest headlines from the event.