Whenever you talk to another character in Dragon Age: Inquisition (or Skyrim, if that's your drug of choice), you have a bunch of responses you can use based on your race, class, perks and party members. Those options, however, are almost never "Are you the character I get to make sexy times with?" or "Are you the character that irreversibly advances the story just simply by initiating a conversation with you?"

In our hearts, though, we all know the truth. RPG-themed comedy group Saving Throw knows, too, and has created this not safe for work video about it. We're just there for the rewards – special items, experience, cutscenes and, of course, completion percentage points.

The secret's out there now, and there's no taking it back. Now we just have to hope our party members don't start telling us how they feel when we swap out all their equipment for ourselves.