Have you ever pondered just how odd some of the things we say and do online really are?  While I have never been a fan of the term "poke", it has its place in the lexicon of Internet terms now.  But, how would you react if someone tried to poke you in real life?  Probably not well.

This is a promotional video for an upcoming opera by Nico Muhly called Two Boys.  It is billed as being an opera that will "lift the lid on the risks of life online," but even if it doesn't, the promo video alone is oodles of fun.  I've already thought a lot of these terms were odd, but when you see someone act them out, it just makes it that much clearer that we've all gone to a very weird place.

Based on this alone, I'd love to see the opera, but I sadly don't live in London.  If anyone does go see it, make sure to drop us an email and let us know how it was!

[via Business Insider]