I was just going through all of the products I’ve backed recently and realized that a few of them never shipped to me. One of those products is the Coin card, the device that was supposed to replace my wallet and was introduced last year. I signed up for the Coin Beta, which means I should have received my unit sometime around November, but of course it never arrived.

I had my reservations about the product early on. We spoke with the company’s CEO, who didn’t appear to have any plans for a broad rollout, had no idea about ever entering retail availability, and generally gave me a sense of fear that I’d never see my money, or the Coin card, again.

In August, Coin sent an email apologizing for its delays. “We are truly sorry that the first generation Coin is not ready when we said it would,” the company told me on August 23. “Our team has been working hard day/night and weekends since May 2012 in an attempt to deliver Coin to you on time and while we are close, we are not at the finish line.” It promised to be more transparent about its product and the shipping schedule, but hasn’t been. At all.

In fact, in February I received an email from Coin’s PR team in my personal email inbox (I don’t know that they even know I work for TechnoBuffalo) that told me I could expect the Coin Beta to arrive soon. Oddly, the email asked me not to cover the product — something I’d never agree to since I actually paid for the unit and it’s not a review sample under embargo.

“We ask that you refrain from writing about your Beta experience and instead provide your feedback directly to us,” the company asked me, as if it was trying to hide something under the rug. I never received the unit I paid for, however, even though we’re now more than 2 months from the day I received that email.

On Wednesday I asked that PR contact for an explanation on the delay. Coin hasn’t sent me any updates as a backer, and I haven’t yet heard back from the company’s press team as of publication time. I know this is a chance I take when I back anything, that I’ll never receive the unit, but part of me thought the Coin would eventually arrive, and that this could really be attributed to refinements and manufacturing problems.

The problem as I see it, however, is that I don’t really even want Coin anymore. Apple Pay works well, and Google is expected to update Google Wallet as soon as this June during Google I/O. I can just use my phone as my entire wallet.

Maybe Coin knows this, too. I just wish it would tell me that: after all, the company promised it would be transparent. But apparently it can’t even keep up that end of the bargain.