Thanksgiving weekend represents a nice break from everyday life. Whether you spend it watching football with family or passed out from excessive digestion, you’re sure for some nice downtime away from work and the routine of everyday life.

Usually, this means video games for me, and while my most obvious one is pretty much known to everyone at this point, I’m always down for tucking in a few sentimental favorites in between the cracks.

Nah, nevermind. I know what I’m playing non-stop for the next five days…

Super Mario Odyssey is the first time I’ve been truly impressed with a video game in a very VERY long time. I’ve dabbled in games I’ve liked, but the last time I truly lost myself to a game this deeply was probably Mass Effect 2. After a generation of hum-drum, repetitive, AAA open world mechanics and Nintendo seemingly stuck in neutral, it took my favorite gaming icon to supercharge my interest in video games all over again.

Super Mario Odyssey is the real deal, a bonafide Top 10 of all time hit for me, and the fact that I can play it anytime, anywhere also helps.

An unfortunate victim of timing, this is the game I was playing before my copy of Super Mario Odyssey came in the mail. Indie games have kept my love of video game alight for the past few years, and this was the most recent one that grabbed my heart and refused to let go. Again, being playable anywhere on the Switch is a big help.

Golf Story blends my favorite non-Super Mario pastime, that being Super Nintendo-era JRPGs, with a very solid interpretation of the tried-and-true golf mechanic that has been used in every golf game since the original Golf on NES. If that’s not enough of an edge, I like how miserable and cynical this game’s script is. Everyone in this game is a total jerk, and for some reason, I’m just in the mood for that.

If I can bring myself down from cloud nine playing Super Mario Odyssey, I’ll probably be playing this.

I’ll have to dig out my Nintendo 3DS, which has been severely relegated since the coming of my Switch, but I’d happily do that for Capcom’s beloved Ace Attorney series. The fourth game in the series is a bit of a weird. For one, it was the only mainline game developed specifically for the DS, since the first three are Game Boy Advance games and the fifth and sixth were made for the Nintendo 3DS. It also is the only one which does not have the master of self-deprecation, Phoenix Wright, in the protagonist chair.

I remember taking offense to that back when I was getting into the series and ignored it out of spite. However, Dual Destinies finally introduced me to young lawyer Apollo Justice, and I realized he’s not that bad of a guy after all. Thanks to the recent re-release on the Nintendo 3DS, which Capcom has graciously localized, I’m looking forward to seeing how he was introduced to the series.

I always enjoy busting out the old Game Boy favorites this time of year, and I think Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters is due for a playthrough. This is the sequel that time forgot, the one so many clamored for when they begged Nintendo to follow up on the NES original. Of Myths and Monsters is every bit compelling as its NES sibling and, dare I say, it’s  much better video game all around.

If you’re still gaming on the Nintendo 3DS, or you have the original cart for Game Boy like me, this is a lovely game to fire up as we head into the most sentimental of seasons.