gta-vice-city-ios-android-0Mobile phones were once strictly used for communication purposes only. Call a friend, relative, and be done. Nothing else. But the industry has evolved incredibly fast over an incredibly short period. Smartphones and tablets now dominate, and actual phone features are almost an afterthought.

Today, we have devices capable of — and I still can't believe this — playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City anywhere and everywhere. I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this and Grand Theft Auto III (and Crazy Taxi!) made the mobile jump, but it's amazing to think just how powerful devices are these days.

So it got me thinking: Which one game from my childhood would I love have show up in the Google Play or iOS App Store? I realize there are emulators and whatnot available, but let's play it straight here. Let's assume the only available avenue are mobile app stores. The PlayStation Mobile framework has some wonderful options — Crash Bandicoot, Driver, Syphon Filter — but those aren't available to everyone. How many here own a PlayStation Certified device?

If I could choose any childhood game to show up on mobile, what would it be? My initial reaction was something like Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid. Super Punch-Out!!, Super Mario World, Blast Corps, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I wonder if Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a possibility?

We've certainly come a long way from simple options like Tetris and Snake. In another year or so, as the mobile market continues to blossom, who knows what kind of games we'll be able to bring with us? Uncharted 3? Maybe one day.

What older game do you want to see make its way to smartphones and tablets?