When rumors about Nintendo’s next piece of hardware began to circulate, executives at the Japanese company did not hesitate to announce that a new console will be officially unveiled at E3 in June. Though one could argue that announcing plans to show off a new gaming rig in over a month will ultimately hurt Nintendo, the ambiguity regarding the features of the Wii’s successor is enough to keep gamers interested in what the company is going to bring to the table. Will they attempt to embrace the “hardcore” market with better graphics? Will they integrate touchscreens on the console’s controller?

Earlier this month, a marketing image detailing the design of Nintendo’s next controllers emerged. These prototype controllers, currently codenamed “Project Cafe“, have 4-inch capacitive touchscreens that display 1080p games streamed from a central hub. IGN then came forth with new specifications, reporting that Nintendo’s next-generation console will run on an AMD R700 GPU, which will give the console better graphics than any modern console while supporting stereoscopic 3D technology. Additionally, the gaming journalism site said that the system will be about the same size as the first-generation Xbox 360 and look like a modern SNES.

Many have questioned the legitimacy of some reports as Nintendo would not be so willing to give up on the casual market, but they forget that the Wii was originally meant to be an accessory. Perhaps to maintain motion compatibility, Nintendo will allow for users to plug in their sensor bars and get in a finish up Super Mario Galaxy on their new system.

While many are quick to conclude that Nintendo must execute on the hardware side of things, some are saying that the console needs a better architecture for online gaming. The current system, which requires users to share random codes with their friends to play, is simply antiquated and must be reformed before one can call Nintendo’s new hardware next-generation.

What do you, fellow gamers, believe Nintendo must do with its next console? What one feature are you dying to see? Would you rather see better graphics or touchscreen controllers? Below we have created a poll so you can make your opinion known!