The iPod Touch has always been thought of as the little brother to the iPhone.  The first version was introduced the same year as the iPhone, and ever since then the phone version has been announced in the summer, and the iPod version has followed up in Sept. at the annual music event.  So, now that we have a fairly good idea of what the fourth generation iPhone will bring us, does this give us some insight into what the fourth generation iPod Touch will also be like?

ipod touchOne of the major lacking features for the iPod Touch has been a camera.  Last year when the iPod Nano got a camera, but it was still kept off of the Touch, people were quite frankly a bit shocked.  The assumption has been all along that the fourth iteration of this iPod would finally get a lens on the back, but now that it looks like the iPhone is also getting one on the face, can we expect the same for the Touch?  My gut feeling is “no.”  I do think we will see the standard camera on the back, but the idea of giving us both cameras at once for the Touch when the iPhone users have had to wait so long for the one on the face just seems unlikely to me.  There is also the idea that Apple wants to keep the two items different enough to motivate you to buy the iPhone, so there is also that to consider.

If the case that was seen is the final version, which I have some doubts about, it would follow that the iPod Touch will do the same.  the aluminium case would make sense as Apple has been trying to go more eco-friendly with its products for some time now, and this would definitely be a step in the right direction for them.

What about the higher resolution screen?  Well, this would only make sense as everyone knows the more quantity you buy, the better pricing you get.  If you see higher res on the iPhone, it’s going to happen on the iPod Touch.  One thing you can always say about Steve Jobs is that he is always looking for a better user experience, and he has been obsessed with resolution for years now, so the new screen is a pretty safe bet.

Other givens would be the longer battery life that was hinted at in the iPhone 4Gs information, we know it will run iPhone OS 4 and we may see a memory bump this year also.

While there were major changes between the first and second generation of the iPod Touch, the third generation really didn’t bring anything new to the table.  If Apple wants to see a bunch of upgrades this year, the fourth generation is going to have to have some new bells and whistles this year, and there seems to be some features that are prime candidates for this.