The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ bring a lot to the table. They have fantastic AMOLED displays, incredibly fast processors, and impressive camera packages. There are some spec differences between the two, but something the two phones share in common is the gorgeous colors that they come in. Need some help deciding which hue to get your Note 10 or Note 10+ in? Let's take a look at everything being offered.

RAINBOWS 🌈: Aura Glow

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First and foremost, let's talk about Aura Glow. This is a brand new color Samsung's introducing for the first time with the Note 10, and boy oh boy is it something special. Aura Glow is a rainbow color, showing shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, red, and more depending on how the light hits it.

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A deep, beautiful hue: Aura Blue

If you're someone that wants your phone to stand out as something special, Aura Blue is for you. This gorgeous color is deep, mesmerizing, and a joy to look at for hours on end. The only downside is its limited availability. Right now and for the foreseeable future, you can only get Aura Blue from Samsung and Best Buy for the Note 10+.

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Clean and simple: Aura White

Next up, we have Aura White. Aura White is a pretty basic color, but there's nothing offensive about it either. It's clean, simple, and looks good with just about anything. Sure, it's not nearly as striking as some of the other options that are available for the Note 10, but it's a safe choice you can't go wrong with.

From $950 at Samsung

As basic as it gets: Aura Black

Moving right along, there's Aura Black. Aura Black is another basic color for the Note 10, but once again, it could be a fantastic choice for anyone that likes keeping things as simple as possible. The Aura Black Note 10 can look sort of grayish in certain lighting conditions, but either way, it's a solid option for the subdued crowd out there.

From $950 at Samsung

Flaming hot: Aura Red

Aura Red is the perfect contrast to Aura Blue, featuring a really gorgeous deep red color that you can easily get lost in. It's a color that makes a statement the second you walk in a room with it, and for some people, that's exactly what they're after. Unfortunately, Aura Red won't be available in the U.S.

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Pepto pink: Aura Pink

The sixth and final color Samsung's offering for the Galaxy Note 10 is Aura Pink. While not as in-your-face as Aura Red, Aura Pink looks just as stunning and is a bit more subdued compared to the S10's Flamingo Pink colorway. Just like Aura Red, however, you can't get Aura Pink if you live in the United States.

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Aura Glow is our favorite option

Without a doubt, Aura Glow is our favorite color option for the Galaxy Note 10. This is an entirely new color Samsung's never done before, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the end result.

Aura Glow is essentially a rainbow color for the Note 10 as it showcases a variety of colors depending on how the light hits it. It might have lots of blue and purple one second, and the next, have large patches of orange and yellow.

There's never been a color like this on a Samsung phone, and if you want your Note 10 to truly stand out from every other handset out there, this is the one to get.

Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Glow

If we had to pick a favorite color for the Note 10, it would be Aura Glow. The rainbow effect it offers is unlike any other color Samsung's ever created, and we can't get enough of it.

The beautiful Aura Blue color is tough to get

Want a colorful Note 10 but aren't ready to go overboard with Aura Glow? Check out Samsung's Aura Blue color.

Samsung's offered blue colors for its last few flagships, and this year's hue is just as gorgeous as ever. It's an intense shade of blue, mimicking the depths of the ocean.

We're absolutely smitten with the Aura Blue Note 10, but there's one big downside — it's available exclusively through Samsung's website and at Best Buy in the U.S and is only available for the more expensive Galaxy Note 10+.

Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Blue

We aren't a fan of Samsung's limited availability for the Aura Blue Galaxy Note 10, but if you can get your hands on it, it's one of the best colors that's available.

Aura White is clean and simple

For pretty much every phone that comes out, there are two colors you can guarantee will be available — white and black. For the Note 10, that point is holding true yet again.

The Aura White Galaxy Note 10 is an incredibly sleek piece of tech, showcasing the Note 10's striking design with a color that looks good without drawing too much attention to itself. For a lot of people, this will be a nice middle ground. It looks great, but it's nowhere near as loud as Aura Blue or Aura Glow.

Galaxy Note 10 in Aura White

Although it isn't anything fancy, there's no denying just how good Aura White looks on the Note 10. It may not be the center of attention, but its class is unmistakable.

You can be boring and get Aura Black

The other base color option, Aura Black, is a great choice if you want your Galaxy Note 10 to be as stealthy as possible.

Although it tends to have a grayish color in certain lighting conditions, this is still the most subdued version of the Note 10 you can get. One reason we particularly like Aura Black is that it does the best job of hiding the large camera housing on the back of the phone.

There's not much else to say about the Aura Black Note 10, but that's kind of the whole point of this color. It's simple, gets the job done, and is exactly what you'd expect with no big surprises.

Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Black

For those of you that want to #MatteBlackAllTheThings, the Aura Black Galaxy Note 10 is your best bet. While not technically matte black, this shade is dark, stealthy, and won't draw any unwanted attention.

Aura Red has stolen my heart

Red has always been my favorite color, so unsurprisingly, my personal color of choice for the Note 10 is Aura Red.

I can't tell you enough how much I love this design. It's deep, powerful, and something my eyes want to stare at forever. Like, just look at it 😍.

Unfortunately, this is where I have to be the bearer of bad news. The Aura Red Note 10 is not available for purchase in the United States. Why does Samsung have to do us so dirty? I wish I knew.

Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Red

The Note 10 in Aura Red is breathtaking. It's my personal color of choice for the Note 10, but it comes with a bit catch — you can't buy it in the U.S.

Aura Pink is another fun color you can't get in the States

Want to drool over another color that you can't buy in the States? Let me introduce you to Aura Pink.

Aura Pink is a lot tamer compared to the Flamingo Pink color Samsung released for the S10 earlier in the year, and I actually kind of prefer it. It's colorful enough to be more visually interesting than Aura Black and White, but it's not so loud as some of the other colors Samsung's offering.

I'd love to rock a Note 10 that looks like this, but with no planned U.S. availability, that won't be happening anytime soon.

Galaxy Note 10 in Aura Pink

Along with Aura Red, Aura Pink is the second Note 10 color Samsung isn't bringing over to the U.S. That's a darn shame, because it looks fantastic.

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