There’s no getting around it. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more Final Fantasy!

Even after doing my reviews and impressions, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” have left a mark on me demanding more exploration and enjoyment now that my review workload is fading away. Thank goodness these games came out after the March rush, which is now officially just as busy as the holiday season. Now I don’t have to worry about another game on the horizon messing with my dedicated play time.

However, I do have a large slab of time thanks to my commutes on the train that are not dedicated to any long adventure or RPG at the moment, and I really am feeling the need to feed into this Final Fantasy fire, more like a Firaga, burning in my belly. You guessed it, I want to play an older game from the series, but I am having a hard time choosing one.

I was playing through Final Fantasy X-2, but that didn’t last long. I could blame the toll it took on my PS Vita’s battery, but the truth is it just wasn’t doing it for me after about a dozen sessions or so. I want something old, something nostalgic, something I’ll be happy to both discover new elements to or rediscover old ones, reminding me of why I stick so closely to the franchise.

I’m currently leaning towards my perennial favorite Final Fantasy VI, just because it’s been a while, and Final Fantasy IX, which I’ve only ever played once and have never truly appreciated.

Both start off with a bang, introducing their marvelous stories and characters in engrossing fashion, but they start to teeter off towards the end. Every time I try to play Final Fantasy VI these days, I stop when I get to the Cave to the Sealed Gate, and Final Fantasy IX just has that reputation of falling off a cliff during the fourth CD.

I don’t exactly trust the lasting power of my PS Vita these days, either. My GBA version of Final Fantasy VI is more trustworthy.

Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe I should be trying to discover why I don’t love Final Fantasy VII anymore or if it is ever possible for me to love Final Fantasy VIII. My desire for something old makes Final Fantasy Origins a solid contender as well. I’ve played them all, so it’s not like I’ll be experiencing anything new, just a warm, comfortable blanket to relax under or a bed of nails to force myself to get used to.

The summer months should provide plenty of opportunities to dig through an old favorite, so yourself as well? If you have the free time to blow through a classic Final Fantasy this summer, which will it be?