We need your help, oh ye of The Herd. The Internet has transformed Black Friday into Cyber Monday and beyond – it's a veritable cornucopia of retail deals out there, some already in progress, some starting in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, and all of them a mix of "available online!" and "better get to camping out, already!"

Whether you're shopping for gifts or yourself, or in the market for a smartphone or a dumb waiter, odds are better than not a Black Friday deal awaits you somewhere in the retail universe. The problem is, there are so many stores offering so many deals, it's near impossible to keep track. And that's why we turn to you, TechnoBuffalo Reader.

We need your best Black Friday deals, and we need 'em now!

And, actually, we need 'em later, too!

If you know about a deal ahead of time, be kind enough to share the what/when/where/and how much of it. And if it's Friday or Saturday already and you scored yourself the Deal of  a Lifetime (TM), tell us how you did it and who you had to fight off to get your paws on the last unit!

Send us your best Black Friday 2012 deals, whether ahead of time or after you're back home, loot in hand, via the Contact Us page. We'll go through the submissions and post our favorites to the site!

To get you started, a few of our own choice picks: