Square Enix will be holding a major celebration on Jan. 31 to honor the achievements of its iconic Final Fantasy franchise. Creators will show up and wax nostalgic, something nice for the hardcore fans, but deep down inside, we all know what we really want.

Announcements! New games, new content, news about where the series is going to head for the next thirty years of its existence. If you, as a Final Fantasy fan, had the option of determining the next wave of news regarding the franchise, what would you put out there?

What huge announcements would you like to see get the ball rolling for 2017? I have a few opinions, naturally.

Final Fantasy XV DLC


The last game I dug deep into DLC content with was Mass Effect 2, and I said our review that Final Fantasy XV is my favorite game since BioWare’s exceptional masterpiece. I look forward to extending my adventures with Noctis as much as I did with Shepard and his crew over half a decade ago.

I want to see a few more summon spells make an appearance, just to spice up some of the iconic imagery from the series. Gilgamesh is going to be a villain in the first wave of DLC, so we’re not quite sure if he will be a summon spell or not. With Shiva, Ramuh, Bahamut, Titan, Carbuncle, and Leviathan all accounted for, not to forget Ifrit showing up as one of the final boss fights, the next and most obvious summon monster is Odin.

I would argue that he is just as important to the summon spell roster as any of the others.

As for story, Gladiolus striking it out on his own sounds cool, leaving us with Prompto and Ignis who need their own solo adventures. If Gladiolus’ mission turns out to be a hit, then I will be more than happy to toss more money Square Enix’s way to control my other buddies.

Dissidia Final Fantasy‘s PlayStation 4 port

I’m surprised we haven’t seen this on a home console yet. We know that the game is running on PlayStation 4 tech inside the arcade cabinet, but Square Enix and Team Ninja just haven’t gotten around to announcing when you’ll be able to play this at home.

It almost makes me believe that the reception of the game isn’t where it needs to be to justify further support.

At any rate, I’ve never been a hardcore Dissidia Final Fantasy fan. I only casually breezed through the PSP games’ single player campaigns, and I’ve never gotten into competitive brawls with my fellow gamers. The audience seems dried up now, so this game on the PlayStation 4 is the best bet we have to ever get the community back up and running without the need to run to an arcade.

Final Fantasy VII Remake information

The giant Shoopuf in the room. Square Enix fans are eager to finally get some long overdue and official information on this game, and maybe Square Enix will grace us with its presence at the 30th-anniversary show. After all, no game in the series is more important to its history than Final Fantasy VII, and to ignore it during such a major celebration would be unthinkable!

We know this remake going to be episodic in nature, and we know it’s going to follow Final Fantasy XV‘s style of combat. What we don’t know is how Square Enix plans to recreate Final Fantasy VII’s massive world of Gaia into a full, breathing open world setting that’s up to modern standards. It’s an impossible task if you ask me, and I still think we’re only going to see bits and pieces of it.

More information means less speculation, so hopefully Square Enix wraps up some of these rumors for us.

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console support for Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI

Yes, please! The Super Nintendo-era Final Fantasy games are a trio of the most endearing video games of all time. With the Nintendo Switch being a portable console and playable anywhere, Virtual Console re-releases of Final Fantasy IV, Vand VI are an absolute must for it to fulfill its potential as one of the best retro gaming machines ever.

Please, someone get this right! Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI offer the easiest and most obvious solutions: ignore those horrendous Steam/mobile abominations, and let the players get the real deal through the Game Boy Advance versions.

Naturally, Final Fantasy IV is a bit more complicated. The Super Nintendo original is the most authentic, but it lacks a modern day translation. The Game Boy Advance provides that translation alongside the authenticity, but it does so with game-breaking bugs in the battle system. The Nintendo DS remake is a great experience, but it also stands apart on its own as a separate entity and a decent retelling, not the real Final Fantasy IV.

And then there is the PSP version, which I think is tied a little too close to Sony to make the jump. Not that it’s worth it because it’s a pretty weak port.

Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI Advance would be killer on the Nintendo Switch, with Tactics Advance and Dawn of Souls on top just for fun, and confirmation that they’ll be available on Nintendo’s console would be nice.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood information

Final Fantasy XIV is an amazing video game, and it’s a shame that Final Fantasy XV has totally stolen its thunder as the one to get the series back on its feet. Sorry, you’re about three years too late for that one, Noctis!

With the critical success of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, it only makes sense that Square Enix would keep this up and running with a third major expansion. The company wants it to last a full 15 years like Final Fantasy XI did, and Stormblood is the next chapter to make sure this will be accomplished. We don’t know much about it yet, but it is scheduled for a summer release.

I might not be playing the game anymore, but Final Fantasy XIV pumps out the most drool-worthy screenshots of any video game in existence. I could stare at that artwork all day long.

Final Fantasy XVI teaser?

Final Fantasy NES (5)

Well… I think Square Enix would like to ride out its current situation a bit longer, especially since it has so many sustainable projects on its hands already. A hint that Final Fantasy XVI could one day be a reality, though? Sure, I’d enjoy that.